September 28, 2010

My Sunday walks by the beach

My beach walks in the weekend are always fun and definetly funny! Its unbelievable what you bump into in those walks...haha!

Last weekend, I walked by Copacabana Beach. If you dont know, Brazil is passing through an ellection time. Dilma (Lula´s protegé) X Serra X Marina!! People are crazy walking in the streets with numbers clued to their chest, flags, colours, screaming political things, and poluting the floor.

In the middle of that mess, I found a really cute old lady band singing old samba and bossa nova songs in a kioski at the beach. I made I video for you to see.
I hope you like!
Those are really old ladies with all problems that this great tie of life can bring you..some are even blind. It is so rewarding to see them overcoming their limits and reality and making art!

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