Marcela Lanna is the principal columnist and founder of The Art Reference that writes about everything on a daily basis. She is a painter, an actress, a writer and a producer. You can check out some of her work here!

Daniela Lanna is the specially invited Fashion Columnist. She writes every Tuesday morning about fashion and style. You can check all her posts by clicking in her Label.


Post Submission by Guest Columnists

The Art Reference warmly welcomes submissions from artists, art organizations, galleries and art managers around the world. We cover references of: cinema, theater, tv, painting, sculpture, drawing, design, fashion, music and art management, for example.

At The Art Reference we try our best to showcase fresh, original content. If you have an interesting reference and point of view to show, The Art Reference opens this space for you.  To submit your post for consideration please send an e-mail with the subject line "post submission". We will analyse it, get back to you and post it, if it fits our policies and the blog concept.

You should send:
1. the post text;
2. the pictures (.jpg) attached separately;
3. the links;
4. your name and some lines about you.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you.


Please Note

The Art Reference does not sell or have connections to the artists or organizations featured on the site. If you’re interested in purchasing something you’ve seen on the site, please contact the respective artist or organization by the links provided in each post. We cannot provide event calendar, product references or any further information.

The Art Reference does not maintain a blogroll or offer link exchange requests. We link to our favorite initiatives and artists, but do not offer banner or link swaps at this time.
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