September 25, 2010

Wait it up!

I dont know if I have ever said this here, but I work at IBM and I am an artist on the free time (every free time). Its really hard to have a double shift, but really reawarding when I see the results and the comcretization of some projects.

Right now I have some projects going on and I have that feeling that I bet all producers and artists have to feel like you are useless. Sometimes you want it so much to happen (and fast) that you can not wait for the burocracy stuff. I am on that spot, where waiting and waiting started to feel like a default sittuation.

My friends know about my projects and always ask. My family knows about my projects and always ask. I know about my projects and I always have to ask: when will it ship?

This is not good to feel. I just wanted time to pass...months the release, to the autographs, to the reactions, to the critics... For now, I am in default mode ... waiting.

So, I am trying at least to be actively waiting for some to happen. I a doing more and more, thinking more and more...producing more and more...calling and not getting answers, trying and not getting anywhere, contacting and networking and nothing concrete least I lfeel alive in the meanwhile.

Cest la vie!

Have a nice weekend. Wait!

Have a nice wait.

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