September 17, 2010

For my sister

This is a post dedicated to my sister´s peculiar adoration for Hippos.
At the age of three, she got her first (wine color) hippo from my godmother and since then she has being collecting everything with hippos in it. The collection got wild when everyone one got to know this hobby of hers and started to buy her hippo goodies. Hippo pillow, hippo pencil, hippo magnetics, hippo candle, hippo painting (ok, that was me! I painted it), hippo books, hippo heart shapped butt stuffed animal, so on...
It got to the point that she even adores watching hippos pooping at Discovery Channel.
So, for my sister, Daniela Lanna, the fashion columnist of this blog, this post is dedicated to your hippos (my nephews) and you!

Hope you like!

And a funny one: when a hippo can make the zoo visit funnier with a private watery poop show!

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