August 6, 2010

Where to stay in Buenos Aires

A while ago, I promised to post a specific post about WHERE TO STAY IN Buenos Aires and I have being bad. I did not do it yet. I am so sorry, Donna! This post is to you.

Deciding where to stay in Buenos Aires depends on many factors such as money; visit purpose; ideology; duration of your stay; for example. Taking that in consideration, I would prioritize two things: safety and practicality. Staying near to a subway station is handy and always a good tip. Both times I went to Buenos Aires, I walked everywhere. There was no need of bus or subway. I took a cab when I needed to go out at night or when I needed to go to far places, for example. As per my transportation post, you know that taxis are really cheap in Buenos Aires. It´s totally worth it! 

As per the safety factor, I would suggest staying in safe locations and neighborhoods. My suggestions are Recoleta, Palermo or Puerto Madero. They are fine neighbohoods near everything you need. The architecture is amazing. If I had to choose between the three of them, I would pick Recoleta. But that´s just me. Palermo is a little bit further than the other two, but it has more night life and stores. Here is a map so you can locate yourself better:

As per places to stay, you can always choose renting a place or staying in a hotel. There are great sites to rent a place. I would suggest:

There you can see the location, vacancy schedule, prices and pictures od the flats. Two great tips about renting place is: higher the better and know the street movement. The streets of Buenos Aires can be really noisy depending on its traffic and movement. So, its good to choose a high floor and, peharps, choose an insider view.  

I will shortly write about where to rent and which hotels to stay...



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  1. My suggestion is to go around Palermo, near "Plaza Serrano"
    I went to one of the Buenos Aires apartments near the pubs there, and was amazing, nice days and noghts tehre, a lot of good people!


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