September 12, 2010

Afternoon at URCA

Yesterday, I spent the whole day at Urca - one of the most beautiful Rio´s neighborhood - 
doing nothing but talking, talking, talking and biking.

I found out a great bar called Bar Urca, which is a dirty feet bar in front of the bay. People grab their food and driks and sit on the bleacher to enjoy the view and the talk. A friend and I had sardine and a shrimp + cheese croquette. It was great!

The talk and the view are the best source of inspiration. Whenever you want to be filled up with ideas and wishes to read, to make art, to be pro-active and you are blessed to have this sceneary 15 minutes from your home...explore it! No white canvas, white papers, random chords can frighten you.

View from the Garota da Urca´s restaurant! The mountains align perfectly.

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