April 1, 2010

Michael Kaiser

I am crazy about finding new art references from all over the world in the internet, but I find it really challenging to find art management study references. Here in Brazil we dont have many art business courses or books. So I crave anything. If you know any link, e-book, web-site you think is good, please, e-mail me!

Here is a really insightful lecture by Michael Kaiser hosted by MIT Sloan. Michael Kaiser is the president of The Kennedy Center in Washington DC (USA). Known as the "the turnaround king" for his work at such arts institutions as the Kansas City Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, American Ballet Theatre and the Royal Opera House, Kaiser has earned international renown for his expertise in arts management.

I loved his last book "The Art of the Turnaround: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Arts Organizations" as it "....presents a ten-step . . . program to save or revive struggling arts organizations. The author's program is practical, and he follows it with a series of case studies in which he works his magic over and over again. He offers interesting anecdotes, and the portrayal of the logistics of traveling shows deserves particular mention . . ." -- Choice. You will find yourself writting down notes and ideas to use in your own company!

His main tips for an art organization turnaround are:

1. Someone must lead;
2. The leader must have a plan (and the organization a clear mission);
3. You cannot save your way to health ("you cannot save an art organization by saving money");
4. Focus on today and tomorrow, not yesterday;
5. Extend your programming planning calendar;
6. Marketing is more than brochures and ads;
7. There must be only one spokesman and the message must be positive;
8. Fund-raising must focus on the larger donor, but don't aim too high;
9. The board must allow itslef to be restructured;
10. The organization must have the discipline to follow each of these rules.

The truth is that turnarounds are not a miracle, but the determined implementation of a coordinated planning and the "lack of sleep".

Enjoy and let me know your opinion!


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