March 31, 2010

Gaping Void

Recently, I´ve came across a great cartoonist, Hugh MacLeod. He has the ability to take the most complex subjects: Emotions, Business Challenges, Angst, Love, and reduce these feelings into a few words and some scribbles.

You can check his gallery online or purchase his work. Also, you can receive a daily cartoon in your inbox if you subscribe to his site!


  1. eu fiz uma apresentacao pra ibm com varios dos cartoons dele! crente que ia passar de bacana, acabei me ferrando. é mole? bjs, raquel

  2. a proposito, adorei o site. parabens!

  3. Ola Raquel, Que bom que voce me achou aqui. Esta é minha nova iniciativa! Fique a vontade de postar coisas, comentarios e ideias! Saudades, Bjs, Marcela Lanna

  4. I love when you send me a new one in the morning!


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