April 6, 2010

Jane Aldridge by Columnist Daniela Lanna

                       Her name is Jane Aldridge. Her passion, shoes!

Since 2007, when she was only 15 years old, Jane Aldridge started her blog Sea of Shoes where she shares her passion for shoes and fashion. It feels like she is inviting us to discover all the amazing clothes, shoes and accessories she keeps in her fancy wardrobe. Her fashion productions manage to be modest and glamorous at the same time. If her blog was a book, it sure would be a best-seller. But more than that, for being a blog it can inspire us with refreshing news and daily updates of her unique style. It is needless to say that her blog turned out to be a hit in the fashion world. Her work is so amazing that she signed an exclusive line of shoes for Urban Outfitters!!!

Jane Aldridge is definitely adored and admired by fashion lovers and, due to her universal taste that transcends age and time, she is appointed by Vogue, New York Time and others medias as the “It girl” of the moment. If we can learn a tip from Jane is, as she says, “always wear knockout shoes”! I encourage you to visit Jane’s blog and I bet you will fall in love with this charming young girl!!! Have fun and let me know if you liked it!!!

To know more about Jane read her interview to Look Book!

* This post was written by our Fashion Columnist Daniela Lanna.

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