April 7, 2010

Think London

Think London's Business Intelligence Dashboard is a data website that provides graphic information for you to analyse business opportunities in London. One of the sectors is the Creative Industry with topics like creative talent, film & broadcasting, computer games, architecture & design and advertising. In the cinema & broadcasting sector you can gather information such as:
  • $37 bin was spent in screen industries (TV, film and commercials & corporate video);
  • 71,500 people work in TV, film and commercials in London;
  • London has an average of 14,350 shooting days per year;
  • 73% of all post-production activity in UK is based in London;
  • UK is the largest TV market in the world with a $10.4 billions, USA is the first with $66.6 billions and Japan with $17.7 billions (*2008).
You have to subscribe to the website in order to access these information. They are all organized in dashboards.

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