April 30, 2010

Japanese Street Style: Fairy-Kei - by Guest Columnist Ana

If you’re around 20-ish or even 30-ish … and missing youth and the 1980´s cartoons, such as Popples, My Little Pony and Vintage Barbie, remember listening to Cyndi Lauper on the radio while the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” hit reached the top #5 parade? Well,now you can revive all those special moments and even find stores in Tokyo to get dress in pink, purple, yellow and mint again!

Tavuchi, a Japanese fashion enthusiastic, opened her own store – called - SPANK! In 2004, starting the Fairy-Kei movement – which she don’t want credit for – selling used itens and her own creations based on the Disco and 1980´s culture, arguing that there wasn’t anywhere she could find clothing tasteful enough for her fashion needs.

Fairy-Kei is nowadays a popular style - thanks to Tavuchi and her brand – which mixes cute icons from the 80´s, toys, bright colors, head-eating bows and lots and lots of accessories.

There’s lots and lots of stores dedicated to this fashion, especially in Harajuku, they look like children’s store, but dedicated to youngsters and – Of course - adults. Another dedicated brands: SBY Happy Room and 6% DOKI DOKI.

You can check nice links here:

Tavuchi: That´s Her! Tavuchi (click!)

Lots of Pics : http://spankgirls.tumblr.com/
Official Website SPANK!: http://www.spankworld.jp/
Official Website 6% DOKI DOKI: http://www.dokidoki6.com
SBY Store: http://www.lacarmina.com/blogpics/091001_fk1.jpg

* This post was written by Guest Columnist Ana, 23 years, Fashion Designer who ABSOLUTELY loves japanese street fashion and it´s a Brazilian Lolita, living in Brasília for a while... Check out Ana´s blog here!

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  1. Adoreeei!
    Não sabia que fairy key tinha a ver com anos 80 e tal... muito legal!! *u*
    A Spank! parece ser um sonho!
    Bjosss Pixxx


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