April 17, 2010

The Levy Flight Theory

Mathematician Clay Shirky taught Seth Godin who taught me the Lévy flight concept. The main concept is that "an animal that forages will hang out in a small area, looking for nuts or berries, then will realize it has used up all the likely sources in this spot. It will then head off in a random direction, walk many paces, and start foraging again."

In marketing or social analysis, the concept translates like this: someone discovers your site (your website, bar, restaurant, hotel, product, etc); they poke it; they love it; they return with friends; they hang out and become regulars for a while. Then they get bored and start browsing again. This kind of thinking is much more effective if you apply to your consumer behavior understanding and strategies other than brand fidelity or random web surfing. I count with your constant visit though :)

This concept can also be applied to Jackson Pollock´s paintings. Check out the interesting article "Fractal Expressionism" by Richard Taylor, Adam Micolich and David Jonas.

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