April 13, 2010

Havaianas Soul Collection by Fashion Culumnist Daniela Lanna

Havaianas, one of the most important Brazilian footwear brand worldly known for its flip flops will soon take a new step by releasing its new tenis and sandals collection named “Havaianas Soul Collection”. The new designs should preserve the same conception of irreverence, happiness and freedom of the flip flops.

The “Havaianas Soul Collection” was presented at the most recently edition of BREAD AND BUTTER, biggest streetwear fair, that took place in Berlim last January.

The idea is to create an alternative offer to some markets that, because of the weather conditions, are not used to consume flip flops, the best seller of Havaianas brand. The “Havaianas Soul Collection” line of tenis shoes and sandals will be launched firstly in European market and at the flagship store in São Paulo. The prices will vary between 28 and 55 euros.

As you can see below, each sample comes with a miniature souvenir of the flip flop that made Havaianas brand known all over the world. Enjoy it!

* This post was written by our Fashion Columnist Daniela Lanna.

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  1. I BOUGHT IT IN PLACA CATALUNYA... IT COST 65 EUROS...more expensive but really worthit.


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