February 1, 2011

Hippie Fair in Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro

Every Sunday from 9am to 18pm, Copacabana´s Square called General Osório hosts a singular Hippie fair which is visited my locals and turists. There you can find handmade goodies, fashion products and also food. The food is typical from the Northeast of Brazil, a state called Bahia.

I suggest you try the acarajé which is a dish made from peeled black-eyed peas formed into a ball and then deep-fried in dendê (palm oil). It is found in Nigerian and Brazilian cuisine. It is served split in half and then stuffed with vatapá and caruru – spicy pastes made from shrimp, ground cashew nuts, palm oil and other ingredients. The most common way of eating acarajé is splitting it in half, pouring vatapá and/or caruru, a salad made out of green and red tomatoes, fried shrimps and home made hot sauce. A vegetarian version is typically served with hot peppers and green tomatoes. In Nigeria, it is commonly eaten for breakfast with gruel made from millet or corn.

As a dessert, I suggest the aipim cake or the cassava cake as below:

I love it! It is a light and wet cake...

Please, check the photos I took from the fair:

Check the musical instruments made my wood.

Check out the tourists...

Leather Bags...

Ok, you can´t see in this picture, because I am not a good photographer,
but this girl with the white t-shirt has a
Marc Jabocs orange bag and she is buying fair bags...
That´s the most interesting thing about fashion art!
Wether it costs $300 or $30 it does nto matter!

I HEART RIO bags!!!

Ok, If i were to buy something on this fair, it would be this ledder bag.
I think the design is really good and different. The bag is also practical!

Inside the square there is a little art exhibition with local artists..


I know, its big, but they ship them!

Capoeira Fight - Dance!

If I were to buy an art goody, this would be the one!
The wood sculpture is really interesting.

I heard a foreigner saying that this looks a lot like Brazilian (old time) art and it does...
I aggree.

Hair Bows..this is the ultimate fashion here is Brazil.

The HIppie Fair is a good suggestion of visitation if you are in Rio. It is one block from Ipanema & Copacabana beach. You can have a nice day at the beach and just walk there later.
A good tip is to visit two cool street stores that open just on Sundays...they are the Favela Hype (Hype Slum)

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