February 22, 2011

Study on the Entrepreneurial Dimension of the Cultural and Creative Industries

European Commission
The Study, commissioned by the European Commission, responds to the growing importance of the creative economy, and more specifically of the role of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), as tools to tackle Europe’s current and future challenges.

The aim of this Study is to provide a better understanding of the operations and needs of companies in the CCIs, especially small and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs). The intention is not to provide a comprehensive overview but rather to describe some of the problems and provide recommendations.

The Study highlights transversal problems common to all these CCIs. It indicates specific challenges that could hamper entrepreneurship and prevent CCIs from benefiting from the internal market and the digital shift.

The Study provides an understanding of the key determinants for strengthening entrepreneurship for CCIs, such as:

- access to finance;

- market barriers;

- intellectual property rights;

- education and training;

- innovation;

- and collaborative processes.

From these key challenges, the Study suggests general approaches for developing a conducive environment as well as specific recommendations to provide support for each determinant, highlighting best practices and taking into consideration sector differences, the different levels of policy as well as the different development phases in which the CCIs find themselves.

Throughout the Study, around 40 Best Cases illustrate key approaches and initiatives (Appendix 1) - (Appendix 2). Similarly, anonymised relevant comments from the many experts interviewed during the study are presented where appropriate.

A bibliography of sources can be found at the end of the Study.

Check the study here: http://ec.europa.eu/culture/key-documents/doc3124_en.htm

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