February 23, 2011

By Heart

Hi dear readers,

I come here today to talk about something really important to me: a good heart. In the last years I have been facing sad and insecure sittuations due to people who lack of heart. Unfortuantelly, I bumped into some bad hearted people who made (and are making) me and my family suffer a lot. In my opinion, one of the most important things in life is to have a good heart, white character, clear eyes and to be honest to yourself and to others. The core values in life such as loyalty, honesty, integrity, character, friendship, should be set as rules. I definitely do not know how to deal with people with a bad heart or intentions. After a series of events, I kind of lost faith in humans and created a survival wall arround me which protects me but also keeps good things away, principally, spontaneity. My bad! I am still learning how to deal with it and heal...

But that's not my point here, my point is that an artist should have a transparent soul in order to deal with the daily quest. An artist should shine energy and good will, even if, through that, he/she wants to reach a darker side. His/her heart should be his/her skin. If you don't wear your own heart. If your pulse does not pump outside yourself. If you have a bad heart, please, don't bother being an artist. Do us a favor. be a Mc Donald's hamburger maker or whatever. You've got to be an enlighted person in order to be able to give yourself entirely and purely to art.

This is a campaign in favor of the transparent souls in a quest for a valued art.
Good souls, good art, good artists, to infinite and beyond!

                                   Picture taken from De bubuia na bubuia (link)

Thank you.
Best regards.


  1. I am glad I can read something that represents pretty much how I think about being a good person and the importance of having a good heart. I have met really bad people in my life and I totally understand what you say. At this point of my life I am glad to know that there are more people out there that share the same opinion as mine. It's curious that I came across this blog by just typing the words "being an artist by heart" because I wanted to explain to a person that posted an art blog, how important her time and dedication of posting art in her blog is. She says that she wishes she could create art but she appreciates it. In my opinion I think she is an artist too. I think every person that has a good heart and shares with the people the beautiful things that the world and other persons have to offer (artists), without expecting anything in return but the satisfaction of revealing a new artist every day, is an artist too. How could I say it? "An Artist by heart"? Thanks for blog! It's super cool :-)

  2. Wow, Anonymous! I read your post like I was reading a love letter, with butterflies in my stomach. Thank you for your words, your time and your kindness.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much. Sometimes it is good to hear and to share.

    Wish you the best arts in the world.

    Hugs from Brazil.


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