February 25, 2011

Brazilian TV Dance Contest

A Brazilian TV Channel is hosting a Dance Contest called "If you dance, I dance", which is also the name of a Brazilian song. As the singer contest in many countries, this contest received towands of people from every where in Brazil. Poor people, rich people. All kinds of dances including funk, street dance, ballet, classic, etc. Well, the jury got surprise with a dance called John Lennon da Silva (Silva is a Brazilian surname such as Smith in USA, you know what I mean). John Lennon da Silva is a poor guy that studies in a community school and created the coreography himself.

In my opinion the jury was really bad to him at first. They asked about his costume choice pointing out that it had nothing to do with his song choice and also making sure he knew his own song choice "Dying Swan". John, good choice...and good timing as the movie Black Swan is currently on the movies in Brazil. I felt really bad for him.

When he started dancing the jury quiet themselves and saw the big mistake they did by pre-judging the guy by his poor ways and his clothes. John Lennon danced pretty well and the jury literally cried. I think Lennon taught them a lesson! Good job! Ops, good dancing....

Please, you've got to watch this show:

If you don't know this ballet, I am also pasting here the video of Sarah Lamb performing the Dying Swan at the 2010 Vail International Dance Festival. Its a different approach. Enjoy! 

Check here other Brazilian dancers in this contest:



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