July 9, 2010

"Think BIG, Think smal-scale" - The Movie - by Guest Columnist Francisco Almeida

Hey all from The Art Reference,

First of all I'd like to thanks Marcela Lanna for sharing this important board to spread my message.

My post will unveil a short documentary I`ve edited along with Life as Cinema Crew. Have you guys heard about Doc Challenge? It's a international competition where all the worldwide teams have the same challenge: one theme and one deadline - 5 days. Meaning: a lots of work.

The result is the short documentary called “Think BIG, Think small-scale”, a film about Sergio Cezar’s art and its power of transformation. Sergio is also known as “Cardboard Architect”. He uses micro-trash to recreate facades, slums and whole cities. His work is an invitation for recycling the way we look at things.

More information can be found on the blog of the film here!

Please follow and share it with your friends. Feel free to contact us if you would like to schedule screenings, workshops, Q&A or buy the DVD.

Below check it out a little teaser of the documentary released on May 26th at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Frandu Almeida

Teaser "O Gigante do Papelão" - Tampa from Barbara Tavares on Vimeo.

* This post was written by the Guest Columnist Frandu Almeida.

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