July 17, 2010

Anima Mundi - 18th Brazilian International Animation Festival (Part 3 of 3)

Hey guys! Glad you are back checking out more animated films from the Anima Mundi. Notice that this is a small selection and that you should visit the festival exhibition center to watch in the big screen. This year edition has 460 films from a rich variety of countries: Finland, Bulgaria, Japan, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Croatia, Cuba, Corea, Belgium, Spain, Russian, Italy and Canada, for example. I find the german ones really interesting and the one I liked a lot is Der Kleine und das biest (you can check it out in the Anima Mundi part 2) and Der da Vinci Timecode (which I could not find online).

Elk Hair Caddis - Magnus Igland Moller and Peter Smith (Denmark)

Guliver - "Gibonni - Žeđam" Music Video - Zdenko Basic (Croatia)

Sentimental education (short fragment) - Paul Bourgois (France)

Check out a short fragment here!

Make Down - Maurice Hubner (Germany)

MAKE-DOWN (Ausschnitt) from Maurice Hübner on Vimeo.

Something Left, Something Taken - Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata (USA)

Something Left, Something Taken- Full Version from Tiny Inventions on Vimeo.

Stanley Pickle - National Film amd Television School (United Kingdom)

The cow who wanted to be a hamburger - Bill Plympton (USA)

Check here all animation films!

The Necessities of Life - Trailer - Gerald Guthrie (USA)

Videogioco a loop experiment - Donato Sansone (Italy)

Another great video in the style of Donato:

I do Art
A concise history of modern art... in 2 minutes.

Best first film award at Balkanima animation festival 2008.

Vive la Rose - Bruce Alcock (Canada)
This animated short is the tragic love story of a fisherman and his beloved, inspired by a traditional Newfoundland song performed by Émile Benoit.

Buba e o aquecimento global - Mono 3D Studio (Brazil)

Buba e o aquecimento global from Mono3d on Vimeo.

After the Rain - Francois Vogel (France)

Cartoon Scum - Jan Lachauer (Germany)

Cartoon Scum from Jan Lachauer on Vimeo.

Coldplay Strawberry Swing - Shynola (United Kingdom)

Ok, guys! I guess this is it! Enough! I am tired ...
Just hit the Festival and check the other videos, will you?
I am sure it will be a great experience and
you will have a blast!

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. These are fantastic! I loved the make-down stop-motion movie.


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