July 1, 2010

San Telmo Part 2 La Feria - My Trip to: Buenos Aires

Feria de San Telmo

So, every Sunday there is the San Telmo fair which is really popular among tourists. It is an antique fair with lots of stands and stores. It is really nice to spend the entire day there. I got there at 8am, but you dont need to be as crazy as I was. The fair starts at 10am.

I got there earlier and watched the people that work there organizing the Feria and opening the stores. I stopped in the Cafe Fileteados Portenos, in front of Havana to have a cappuccino and churros with dulche de leche. That was when I saw my first MULLETS. They were shy and fashion, but it was a mullet. Check it:

And it was time to do WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?

It was time to hit the Feria and have fun!

The Feira from an Italian restaurant deck view.
Ok, I confess. I am sorry, but I was sick of some many Argentine chorrizo!
Great pizza.

I know the sign said "NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED", but
Ops! I did it again. If it helps, If I were to buy an art piece it would be this one!

This was an amazing finding. I just loved these photos!

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