July 22, 2010

Negociating Techniques - Getting to YES

One of the great challenges in our daily lifes is to get people to say a simple word: "yes". Yes to you, yes to your projects, yes to your blog, yes to your art piece, yes to your budget, yes to your dreams, etc. Yes comes with hard work and mainly negociation. Maybe you are not able to have what you want, but you can negociate to have most of it according to the parts.

Lots of artists under-estimate the negociating techniques in the artist´s daily life. To start off, many times, artists need to negociate with his or her family in order to become an artist. This is one thing you never see in someone becoming a dentist, for example.

"Hey, mom and dad. Hey, my wife. Hey, my husband. I want to become an artist, and, as you know, an estimate artist turn over is from 5 to 10 years. So, I need time and investment. Can you please sustain and support me in the meanwhile?"

Being an artist is more blasé and sometimes they just don´t get it. A blank canvas, a stage, a mic can be toatlly terrifying at times and the advances are not quantified like a certificate hanging on your wall or a job promotion. The achievements start off as being emotional inner-progresses like an abstract painting. The challenges of being an artist exceeds the challenges of making art. If you know what I mean.
In third world countries, the reality is completely stressed. Let´s imagine like that: if in a first world country it is difficult to be an artist for some people, in a thrid world country being an artist is, at first, a character trace refletcted in braveness, persistence and hope.  

(Please, refer to a great post about this: Tips on how to become an artist.)

So, I bring you here this great book, that will help you to maximize your efforts in a negociation with your marchand, your manager, your producer, your partner, your theatre company, you choir, etc.

Click here to get the PDF file of "GETTING TO YES -Negotiating an agreement without giving in" by Roger Fisher and William Ury from Harvard Law School.

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