June 19, 2010

Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros - by Guest Columnist Lacey McDaniel

If you like whimsical, upbeat music then I have a band for you. Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros is a comprised of ten members out of Los Angeles, California with a truly authentic sound of folk, country, and alternative rock mixed with trumpets, accordions, and tambourines. Live, their lead singer Alex Ebert promenades around the stage shaking his tambourine and slips off his shirt to reveal a skinny white chest beneath with a red scarf tied in a circle around his neck. The concert is high energy and interactive. During the last song of the night at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City, MO, Alex went out into the middle of adoring fans and requested that everyone sit down. To avail, everyone managed to sit, everyone on top of everyone, as it was packed, and he proceeded to serenade the crowd. The group is fun, talented, and eclectic. If they are ever in your area, please take the time to see them. You won’t be disappointed.

Access the official website here!


* This post was written by Guest Columnist Lacey McDaniel.

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  1. Hello Marcela,
    I like your blog and enthusiasm for art. I am also glad that people from other countries are interested in my work and blog. You wrote me asking if I would be interested in guest blogging and I would love to help out however I can! Please let me know what I need to do and I can do it anytime.
    Thank you


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