June 18, 2010

Jean Shin

The South-Korea artist, Jean Shin, uses daily-basis objects to construct her contemporary art sculptures and instalations. She is really creative and innovational. Her porfolio is very interesting. Shin´s pieces have been featured in Moma, New York, and she had texts published in The New York Times.

Check out some of her pieces!

                                                 Sound Wave, 2007

TEXTile, 2006

Hide, 2004

Glass Block (Tacoma), 2006

Hair Wall, 2002

Carte Blanche Constructions, 2001

Umbrellas Stripped Bare, 2001

Fringe, 2000
Seams Series

Lost and Found (Single Socks), 2000

Altered Trophies 1-9
                                        (Everyday Monuments), 2009

Chemical Balance, 2005-09

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