May 22, 2011

Tela Digital TV Show and “Think BIG, Think small-scale” short-film by Guest Columnist Frandu Almeida

Hello The Art Reference readers,

Last year I had the opportunity to write about the short-film “Think BIG, Think small-scale” I edited and was magistrously directed by Barbara Tavares.

In 2010, the film won two awards in Internation Film Festivals in Argentina and Uruguay and it has been participating in several International Festivals around the world. Check for more info on the film’s website:

The today’s post is about a Brazilian competition we entered: TELA DIGITAL TV SHOW. It’s a TV contest that screens Brazilian short-films. All candidates are compiting for the BEST AUDIENCE AWARD, the votes are collected on the TELA DIGITAL’s website. A total of 60k prize will be distributed to the best films.

I would like to ask for YOUR VOTE today! It’s easy and only requires a registration. Please follow the instructions below:

- On the upper right side of the Page, click on “CRIAR CONTA” (meaning create your account)

- Fill out the information, especially your email address;

- Following you will receive a validation email. Validate your email. (check on your spam box, in case you don’t receive it);

- Click on the link on the email. This will validate your email.

- On the TELA DIGITAL’s webpage, search for the movie “O Gigante do Papelão” or click on the link:

- Below the video, you will find 5 stars. Click on how many stars correspond to your vote.
- Voila! You have voted on the film and helped us a lot.

You can watch the film with English subtitle on the link bellow, after watch please go back the TELA DIGITAL’s website and VOTE!!

Password: gigante

Thank you very much for your time. We appreciate it. If you have any questions or comment I’ll be glad to hear it.

Frandu Almeida
Director, editor and writer

The artist Sergio Cezar and Barbara Tavares at LABRFF 
(Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival)

Barbara is documentarist and producer with more than 6 years in the film industry working on production, distribution and film festivals. She loves film and this media mission of bringing optimist and stories into people's lives.
She lived in Los Angeles for the past 2 years, she just got back to her home country, Brazil, to open her own production company, Bodhgaya Films.
Bodhgaya Films is a production company located in Rio de Janeiro but works all over the globe. Produces documentaries, fiction films, institutional films, making of's, music videos and more.


Frandu Almeida, Sergio Cezar & Barbara Tavares

*This post was written by the Guest Columnist Frandu Almeida director of Bodhgaya Films.

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