May 16, 2011

Let them talk - Blues CD by Hugh Laurie

Photo: Reuters

Hugh Laurie's debut album, 'Let Them Talk', is out now in the UK. 
Dr. House sings!!

“Let Them Talk” is the first album to be recorded by Hugh Laurie after signing to Warner Bros Records in 2010. Produced by Joe Henry and recorded in Los Angeles and New Orleans, the album is a celebration of New Orleans blues, a genre that drives Hugh’s musical raison d’être.

Spiritually inspired by similar genre albums like Ry Cooder’s ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ and T-Bone Burnett’s ‘O’ Brother Where Art Thou’ soundtrack, Hugh’s ‘Let Them Talk’ recordings bring together an extraordinary selection of heritage tracks, renowned musicians and vocal legends to champion this much neglected body of work.

Hugh drives the whole album on piano and vocals and is joined in the studio by the ‘Queen of New Orleans’ herself, Irma Thomas, blues piano and horns supremo Allen Toussaint, vocal legend Sir Tom Jones and in an especially momentous collaboration on ‘After You’ve Gone’ by his lifelong hero Dr. John.

Released on May 9th in Europe, the album launch will be supported by live shows in London, Paris and Berlin and a television special following Hugh’s musical journey to New Orleans and featuring the performances of much of the album filmed at Kingsway Studios in the French Quarter along with Hugh’s band and his incredible collaborators. 

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Hugh Laurie's participation on  Hang Cool Teddy Bear with Meat Loaf

Hugh Laurie performs "The Sophisticated Song" (written, I believe, with Stephen Fry). 

And this is a finding!! 
And I am still laughing...

Oh, little girl!
Would you like a sweetie?
Would you put your hand in mine?
I promise not to hurt you
Or impinge upon your virtue
All I want is half a second of your time.

Oh, little girl!
Won't you smile into the camera?
This time I know we'll get the perfect shot.
Now do you think that it would hurt
If you just undid your shirt
And show the readers everything you've got?

Little girl,
You really mustn't worry,
No one will respect you any less.
When all is said and done
You know it's just a bit of fun
Now be a sport, take off that pretty dress.

Little girl,
Can't you see now you are famous!
Your name is on the nation's lips.
Over breakfast, they'll admire you,
At their lunch hour, they'll desire you,
And at tea time, you'll be wrapping up their chips!

Little girl,
Congratulations on your record!
They played it on the wireless just today.
It was fast and rather naughty,
Went straight in at number forty,
Though the DJ said that's where it ought to stay.

Little girl,
So you got married to a popstar!
I can hardly work my camera for the tears.
But as you said your fond goodbyes,
I got a great one of your thighs!
What a shame you were divorced within a year.

Little girl,
You're not a girl and you're not little.
But there's still one thing I'd love it if you'd do:
Although she's slightly shorter,
I would love to meet your daughter.
Do you think that she would like to follow you?
Do you think that she would like to follow you?

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