December 4, 2010

Understanding International Art Markets and Management by Iain Robertson

As you know I have just finished reading the book about Gucci´s story. Now, my new reading is Understanding International Art Markets and Management (Amazon link).

Product Description

This groundbreaking text brings together experts in the field of visual art markets to answer some fundamental questions:
Is art a good investment?
Why is the art market dominated by America and Western Europe?
Where are the key emerging markets and what are the next good buys in art?

Providing readers with an understanding of the challenges facing art market 'makers' (dealers, auctioneers, collectors and artists) and the decision-making process experienced by market 'players' and investors, this exciting text merges the key theories with examples of practice in a highly accessible style.

Written by an international array of experts from the US, the UK and China, this book is essential reading for all those studying or interested in art markets and management.

About the Author

Iain Roberston is a lecturer in arts policy and management at City University. He is a member of The National Art Collections Fund and Association Internationale des Critique d'Art. He is an adviser to the Asia Art Archive and responsible for information on Asian art developments in London.

One Review by Haggenmueller Oliver (Geneva, Switzerland)

Iain Robertson et al. is presenting this very sound introduction to the non-expert of the arts international market. It is a collection of articles from different authors; therefore expect a non-linear writing style, which is however easy to understand. It is written from the point of view of the curator, or of someone who stands outside the market as an observer. What one could find as missing, are other perspectives such as the artist themselves. Nevertheless, this book discusses a very wide range of the arts market and even includes chapters such as art crime. The reader can thus easily gain a very good (though theoretical) insight of how the arts market works and of who are the actors in the market.

Five stars are awarded for this book, as I would recommend this book to all those who have an interest in learning how the arts market works and as this book delivers.

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