December 31, 2010

Maybe Next Year by Seth Godin

Maybe next year...

The economy will be going gangbusters
Your knowledge will reach critical mass
Your boss will give you the go ahead (and agree to take the heat if things don't work out)
Your family situation will be stable
The competition will stop innovating
Someone else will drive the carpool, freeing up a few hours a week
There won't be any computer viruses to deal with, and
Your neighbor will return the lawnmower.
You can ship, you can launch your project, you can make the impact you've been planning on.
Of course, all of these things won't happen. Why not ship anyway?
While others were hiding last year, new products were launched, new subscriptions were sold and new companies came into being. While they were laying low, websites got new traffic, organizations grew, and contracts were signed. While they were stuck, money was being lent, star employees were hired and trust was built.
Most of all, art got created.
That's okay, though, because it's all going to happen again in 2011. It's not too late, just later than it was.

Check out the Fireworks in Ipanema Beach (Rio de Janeiro) from NYE 2010. We will have full 20 minutes of fireworks today!

Last year´s New Year Eve I worked until 4:30am with lots of pressure, loneliness and sadness. At midnight I had a 10 or 15 miutes break in oerder to stand in the hallway between two buildings and see from the 10th floor the fireworks from Ipanema, Copacabana and Flamengo beaches. I was really sad. That was my third New Year´s Eve without a New Year´s Eve actually. I was depressed to think that those people calling me were at the beach, clubs, events, parties watching the fireworks, kissing their beloved ones, jumping, refreshing their feet in salty water and accuratly starting their new year. I said back then that I would never again submit myself to such thing. The stress doe snot pay, the money does not pay, the sadness does not pay.
I believe this new year of 2011 will be better, lighter, calmer, happier than the three ones before, just because I will be able to enjoy it freely and raise my glass with positiveness.
Everyone raise your glasses and Cheers!

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  1. Hi Marcela, this is a beautiful post to close the year! Although I learned not to like fireworks, I must confess it is a joy to our eyes.

    Have an excellent 2011! You deserve! And congrats for your blog it was a great choice you made this year! Love ya!


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