November 25, 2010


I spend lots of time listening to poscasts about Art Management and Art Marketing. The site ArtsMarketing.Org is a great source of periodically poscasts.

Liste HERE to listen to the last one!

In this episode, the panelists (Ron Evans, Matt Campbell, Maris Smith and special guest panelist Sean Kelly, marketing director of TheatreWorks talk about the challenges of marketing an unknown work such as the development musical "Fly By Night" to existing audiences.

NAMPRadio Recommends:

•Matt recommends: This article: Speed Vs. Google SEO Ranking: A Dynamic Web Site's Conundrum

•Ron recommends: The Emerging Leaders Network of Americans for the Arts (and a local chapter near you)

•Sean recommends this New York Times article on what really makes people happy.

•Maris recommends: "Hunter ___ a bear" interactive advertisement for tippex to look like a youtube video.

•Also,the Culture Vultures blog, mentioned at the top of the podcast and composer Will Connolly's MySpace page with music samples from "Fly By Night."

Outro music: “Too Close to Crying” by Garry and the Moodswingers. Find out more about this artist via his page on the Podsafe Music Network.

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