January 28, 2011

Project 5am the yellow book - by Jason Haye

The Yellow Book

On occasion we have an idea that is so clear and simple and elegant hat we are astonished, as if a rare and precious meteor fragment just landed at our feet. We pick it up and examine it closely. And we ask ourselves, where could this have come from. Looking back to the blue sky we marvel. But we can never figure out what to do with the idea. Some meteors become doorstops or paperweights. The same is true for these special thoughts. We marvel at their novelty for a while and then tend to forget them. But ideas, like a seed crystal, need to be nurtured so the can grow and influence us. An idea with beautiful symmetry must be planted deep in the mind with long and considerate reflection. Then it can be the seed crystal of thought that will grow, reflecting internal beauty and geometry.
- The Structure of Delight

New Project 5am album.... The Yellow Book

"Leaves sail to fall
Green dismembered, Brown reformed
Wiser and stronger"


* This post was written by Guest Columnist Jason Haye

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