January 28, 2011

Phil Hansen - Twin City Based Artist

Phil Hansen's art is amazing and instigating. He knows how to argument the current social and political moment in his art. Hansen is also doing one of the recent trends in the art world, document his art making in a performance video and post it in Youtube. I have compiled his great videos here along with some interviews to Axioms and CNN.

"He now works as an X-ray technician but spends all of his spare time and money on his art. His work and the way it is presented has given him a large following.

His breakthrough piece was a time-lapse video of a two-day project called Influences. He painted thirty pictures on his torso, one over the other, each picture representing an influence in his life. After it was completed, he peeled the layer off and cut a silhouette of his own profile. The uploaded video was streamed more than a million times on the Web, with process and final piece clearly revealed"

The time stand still

A Moment

He has broadcasted his phone number via the internet and asked people to call him and tell a moment that changed their life. All of these moments were written over the course of 136 hours of
which he didn't leave the work space except for restroom breaks.

Does Paint really need a brush?


Michael Jackson Dance Painting

Daily Axioms (Axiom Marketing Communication)

Twin Cities based artist Phil Hansen stopped by Daily Axioms' Phone Booth to discuss how social media has taken his art from his studio to global audiences. Charlie Hobart interviews this unique artisan about his style, motivations and what's next.

Phil Hansen at CNN

Phil Hasen LINK

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