May 10, 2010

Wierd but Cool - Earth as Art

I always like to get inspired from different kinds of materials and medias. I believe that when the inspiration origin and its concept is innovational, the end art result would be more interesting as well.

There is a nice website that shows the earth through the lens of the Landsat 7, Nasa´s Satellite. It shows nice images that can definitly inspire, principally, for an abstract art work. Check it out!

Delta Region, Netherlands
Northern Norway
 Karman Vortices, Selkirk Island
West Fjords, Iceland
Icefall, Lambert Glacier, Antarctica

One painter I loved when I visited Kansas City´s (Missouri) Belger Center of Art was Creighton Michael. He has a series of paintings that take the earth and maps as an inspiration element.

I will write more about him and his mold painting in another post!

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  1. You should also check scientific microscope pictures that are really beautiful:


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