May 1, 2010

Bunkwaa - Street Illustrator from Australia

For the past two years Bunkwaa has been creating and selling his illustrations on King st, in Newtown (Australia). He has made approximately 1400 funny characters. His cartoons have appeared in newspapers, magazines, websites and books fro example. Bunkwaa is also an Art Teacher at the Pine Street Creative Center. According to Bunkwaa, busking in Newtown is awesome and he adds: "I'm always along side painters, musicians, poets and street artists. Creating my art out on the street has been like working in an open air studio, where I get instant feedback about my art from people wandering by; from complements to harsh criticism."

Bunkwaa is the one in the middle!
Bunkwaa Blog:
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Also, a great and leading art reference site from Australia is ArtsHUB, but you've got pay for it!

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