May 4, 2010

ALICE MANIACS by Fashion Columnist Daniela Lanna

Last weekend, on April 21st, the movie Alice’s in wonderland was launched in Brazil. So yesterday, I went to the movies to check on it and I definitely give credit for its special effects, esthetics and costume design - and I could not expect less of a Tim Burton film! -.

Tim Burton is one of those directors recognized for its unique style and his colorful and folkloric way of telling stories. Burton once again imprinted an original eye for an already known universe. And despite not being a triumph in movie market, Tim Burton’s Alice is a magical and imaginative performance, delightful to be seen, especially with a fashion eye!

If you have plans of watching Alice in Wonderland you sure will be touched by its visual effects. Burton’s Alice arouses the imagination of spectators and fashion designer all over the world and soon we could observe its influence in fashion. T-shirts, nail polish, make up, jewelry, shoes inspired by the fanciful universe of young Alice, a classical children’s literature.

Urban Decay dedicated a limited edition of eye shadow called Book of Shadows which comes with 16 ultra pigmented colors. The book is illustrated with a pop up image of Alice in the mushrooms forest.

Following the new trend, the famous nail polish brand O.P.I. launched the “Alice in Wonderland Collection” with 4 super modern colors named: mad as a hatter, off with her red, absolutely Alice, thanks so muchness.

"Alice in Wonderland Collection"

Another brand that invested in the fantastic universe of Alice was Swarovski, with a line of super cute
accessories, as you can see below.

In Brazil, some brands also invested in “Alice” trend. The colorful flowers garden inspired the Brazilian jewelry brand H.Stern to design finger rings with elements of the movie as giant flowers and the famous cat of Cheshire. The rings will be part of an exhibition in São Paulo and available for sale only by order.

The Brazilian cloth brand Ellus also created a line of t-shirts with icons of the movie, which will be available for sale only at Ellus and Guest. Tel.: (11)3552-6699.

* This post was written by Fashion Columnist Daniela Lanna

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  1. So beautiful!!! I love Tim Burton's movies, still haven't watched this one. Can't wait to see it!


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