August 6, 2011

MY MEMORY LAND (one of my paintings)

Hi, I present you one of my paintings called MY MEMORY LAND and its phrases!
Hope you like it ! memory land...
eternity had a past • the hungry then the moral • if the past taught you to kiss like this, thanks for the ones before me • always the same white sun • keep legs and mouth shut • did this life really exist or did I make it up? • your glory is smoke • a good thing is shower • heal me from being old • there is only one truth and only one lie • is the dark hard or soft? • to forget you is more difficult then to stand you • your little was good • the experience killed the idea • to get lost is a way • where does the time I lost go? • or I am a saint or I am a wacko • I found out that each one of us is diverse • a long time ago, I used to turn into an angel in May • you are more defenseless than a fat naked lady • come to the table or it will get cold • is there bread in the sky, mom? • it is the life of the things • the insconscience is the fundament of life • is the heart could think it would stop • the stars lie light • who gives love looses love? • the trip is the traveler • what we see is what we are • scribble your eyes (expression for: go date!) • I got a music box as a gift • it is not a question of calendar, it is a question of breathing • my words work for my reality, your words work for your reality, se we decide to exchange words they will loose their value • likes and dislikes are arguable • end a period with an exclamation • I would love so much if I didn’t fear • you are where you are most missed • I love you the size of this whole world • I decided to be happy and I became • the solution is the ménage • cry, my eyes • I wet my brushes in my soul´s water • do not bargain with an artist • we kill time and it kills us • have they say sorry for you? • did you live the years you have? • craziness • I believe in smurfs • Is it so difficult to understand me? • soul swings • when it hurts I scream “ai” • sometimes I cry smiling • I am just like a sweeper in the fall • I wanted to eat your desire • I like hot brownies with vanilla ice cream • I just pray in the shower • look at the person beside you and observe his strangeness • how is the dwarfs´ life? • how long does the night last? • give me a true answer and I could love you • if I was asked about the beauty of life, I would talk about a little flower I once saw • I can clearly live without knowing me • I like wet hair •yes, this handwriting is mine • to comprehend is difficult, to accept is impossible • I just had to say • it must be hard be poor • high hill kills • I farted specially for you • tell me sky, do you know my half? • turn off the stars and let me sleep • everything seems so untied • I returned my entrance ticket • I don’t know what else I can do • have I said I love you in this canvas? • I wonder if I know how to go back home from here • it’s late to say goodbye • no one knows a pleasure of an elevator’s love • they say that teen is the best time • I always say I am ok • I don’t know about the dangerous of the streets • no, I don’t have a cigarette • how much is worth your hour of work? • i know its hard to pray, but i just do it • you know I think you’re cute • half of the people are divided • there is no way you can know someone’s real intentions • amen • I don’t know why every day needs to end, does everything have to? • my nails grow • I have no ideas what I am writing so far • I wanted to suspend my head • today was not worth • I know I am one, but they want me to be more, always more • and that’s how my Sunday ended • sixteenth of September ___________________________________

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  1. Adoro!!! Você realmente teve a paciencia de traduzir todas as sentenças!!!



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