October 22, 2010


I am relaxing, reading, going to the library, taking walks by the beach, watching tv, movies, series, studying, exercising, cooking, being homie and enjoying the calmness as I am on holidays.

One interesting thing you end up discovering during this time you have to think and think and just think about life, your work, self rewarding things that you have or do, the meaning of life, the whys - why do i do what i do - why do i feel like i feel - why do i care like ti do - why is this so meaningful - why - why - is that everything has a new dimension depedning on its referencial.

The work problems and issues I was facing days ago do not bother me anymore. The issues that used to ocupy my mind 90% (ok, 85% of the time) do not even exist now. The daily rush and stress do not pertain to my daily life now. I am sorry, but I have a hard time figuring this out. Or I am crazy to care about those things in the first place or I am relapse not to care now. How can something be so important in one moment and have no importance at all in the next moment?

I just have and I will always have a hard time understanding this...the same thing happens to someone you love. Imagine a boyfriend or a friend you spend all day long together, he or she is the first one you would think or call if you receive a promotion or if something bad happens or if you want to scream or to watch a movie or to curse someone or to drink a soda with ice-cream, so on....and suddenly bounds are "broken" and the person who used ot be SOO but SOOO important is now a TABU.

Or the thing is worth or its not. Or someone is worth or she-he is not. Or I dont know how to value things at first place or things are just screwed up.

Or the tree is a tree or its not!
How can it be art and tree? Instalation and nature?
CO2 and political statement?

I just wish the important things remained as important no matter the time,
the stress, the age, the moment, the color, the status, the health sittuation, etc.
Somethings just change.
Somethings just reamin...

I beleive that's the ultimate test.
Something or someone is important if it remains important no matter what.
And if you come down to that list (whoever's list) it would resume itself to family!
In a brooaaadd way ... whatever family you have or you consider....

Cheers to family, abstract feelings, beliefs and what really matters !
Tim Tim!

* Cultural note: Tim Tim in japanese means asshole or cú in portuguese. So, please, Brazilians do not go "tim tim" everyone.
Mind your tim tim´s, will you?

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