August 12, 2010

I wonder WHY - Brandon Ratcliff

I Wonder Why…
Riming poem by Brandon Ratcliff
I wonder why clocks go tick?
And why minutes are so quick?
What makes the hands on it move?
And why does it have a tick tock groove?
I wonder why the sea is blue?
And how come sea cows don’t go moooooooo?
The animals down there are so cool.
I wish I had them in my pool.
I wonder why people cut down our pretty trees?
And why my mom makes me eat yucky peas!
You know these are really mean things to do
I wish Scooby Doo could give me a tricky clue.
I wonder why the night sky is so bright with stars?
And do aleins really live on the planet Mars?
I want to discover this so bad it makes me want to cry!
All these things and a hole lot more make my brain say
I wonder why?

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