November 12, 2011

Question Book - My Release

I am really proud and happy to announce that I have released my first book: The question book or Livro das Perguntas. It is a game-pocket-book with 317 questions about life, experiences, love, religion, politics and else with the objective for you to get know more and more your friends! It is a great game to take to the camping, the beach, the bar and play with friends along with great food and drinks!

My friends and I playing the game after the book release!!!

I created a character, an EGG, called EMBURRADINHO or Little SULK (egg on the picture). 

Book cover!

The Question Book promotion winner, Felipe Rollin, with his Ass-Egg picture! Congrats Felipe! 
Very funny!

I ate my character! Indeed!

Actress Mariana Bassoul, the funny egg and I giving out tongues 

Bernardo Souto request a book kiss!


Promotion: Winner Ass-Egg:

Little SULK at RIO


Little SULK at the beach having a coconut water!

Tongue egg at the beach!

Little SULK egg among my golf ball collection!

Book illustration!!!

Promotion picture!

Promotion picture!

Which came first: the egg or the chicken?

Egg's cellulitis !!!

Ostrich egg from Northfield, Missouri! Thanks Herreid Family!

Promotion picture!

Promotion picture!

So that's why I am not posting a lot here at the blog. I have been really busy lately with the book release! My bad!!!

Hugs from Brazil...


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